Many notable artists either found residency at The Farm. Bob Childers, Jimmy LaFeve, The Red Dirt Rangers, Tom Skinner and Garth Brooks to name a few. Bob Childers even had his own trailer on the property next to the carriage house he was renovating into “The Gypsy Café:” the main stage for shows at the Farm. For twenty plus years The Farm served as a communal living hotspot for creatives, the birthplace of many bands and records. Unfortunately, the decline of The Farm came in 2003 when the house burned down. However, the Gypsy Café still stands and the legend of The Farm lives on in the people of Stillwater.

“I found something in Stillwater that I just didn’t find anywhere else, … And I looked everywhere from Nashville to Austin. I always came back to Stillwater — it’s like a fountainhead for folks trying to get their vision.” — Bob Childers

Bob Childers performs live with John Cooper and Brad Piccolo at The Farm

“It’s all just one big damn band. It’s like 50 guys all in the same band. Who’s got the gig tonight? We’ll show up, maybe we’ll get on stage with ya, maybe we won’t. That was just the community and the philosophy of it. I think people still feel that way. It’s still one big f*****g band.” — Danny Pierce

Editor’s Note: This story was written by Becca Wig.



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