LGBTQIA+ Voices Pushing Genre Boundaries

Country & Americana

Some of us have gone through the worst coming out stories, and I’m separated from my parents in that they’ll never acknowledge me being a gay person. I was realizing that I’ve never really dealt with the grief. I’ve never really told my true story. For some reason, my body and spirit and mind were like, you have to do it.” — Becca Mancari

Pop & Electronic

I’m always so grateful for the support system I’ve had emotionally, and being able to be who I am. Maybe my work offers that to other people — maybe it resonates because they are finding strength in reclaiming the things they were bullied by, or were told they couldn’t be a part of. I can be a gladiator in a cultural sense.” — Dorian Electra

Hip-Hop & Rap

I focus on being as honest as I can possibly be, because I feel like music, to an extent, is philanthropic. In all my ventures, I set out to reach people who are just like me.” — Angel Haze

In order to make a change, I have to exist in a traditionally homophobic space such as hip-hop. If I were to just be this queer rapper, who only spoke to queer kids … I don’t think i could as effectively make a change for another young, black queer kid growing up in Texas.” — Kevin Abstract



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